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Reasons to visit Kos

This summer my boyfriend and I went to the Greek island of Kos, we really enjoyed our stay and thought that our experiences might help some of you! We are both students so we always try to travel as cheap as possible but still comfortable!

-Most friendly people I’ve ever met

We, Belgian people, are mostly used to a cold and not that spontaneous welcome when we visit a store or restaurant. So when we visit another country we are not expecting them to be super kind, but in Greece we were pleasantly surprised be the friendliness of the Greek. When we were searching a specific place, locals spontaneously offered to help us.

-Kittens and cats everywhere!

Everywhere you go, you’ll find the cutest cats you’ve ever seen, like really. Greece has a big problem with stray cats, so when you walk through town you’ll see…

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Top 10 Lush products


From newbie to addict 30712819_1193898937413197_5619499128066146304_n

One year and a half ago, my addiction started, a couple of my friends bought me my first EVER Lush bath bomb. From the minute I tried it I was sold.

Right now I have my fair share of products and I want to tell you guys all about the 10 products I can’t live without.

Bath Bombs, bubble bars and Jelly bombs


First off I want to start with the infamous Lush bath bombs. I’ve had tons of bath bombs, bubble bars and jelly bombs the past couple of months, but just a few really got my attention.

But first I just want to clarify that most of these products are available the entire year, if not I will mention it.

  1. Milky Bath ( Bubble bar):I love this one! I find the scent really relaxing. For some reason it reminds me of freshly washed…

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10 things you need to know about me!


Since I only just started my blog I thought it would be a good idea to start on the old fashioned way! I asked a friend to give me 10 random questions and I’ll answer them as honest as I possibly can.

1.What TV show character would it be the most fun to change places with for a week?

I would love to switch places with Rachel from “Friends“. I think it’s obvious why, she’s just gorgeous! And I have to admit that I’ve always had a strange crush on Ross I just find him adorable.

 2. What did you eat so much of that now you hate it?

Spaghetti!!! I just hate it. It’s my dad’s favorite food and every single time he has to make food he makes spaghetti. I’ve had so much spaghetti the last couple of years and now I just can’t stand the…

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Sweet and hoeked



The Discovery

I go to school in Antwerp and just as every student during my breaks I try to find something delicious to eat. The last weeks this became increasingly difficult because after a while you’ve tried the food from almost every obvious place am I right?
Luckily my brother works in Antwerp as well. One evening he came home with a big box full of donuts. What was I happy! And you know what’s even better? He bought these donuts in a little shop called “Hoeked Doughnuts” which is a 5 min walk from my school.


I’ve had my fair share of donuts to be honest. But I must admit that I was very disappointed in Belgian donuts. I went to Dublin a year ago with my mom and we had some donuts in a small shop. Since then i’ve been looking for something likewise in Belgium but…

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